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NZ Manufacturer October 2019: Are You Leaving Productivity On The Floor?

We all have heard how important it is to have workers who are engaged with their roles and motivated to put their best into what they do. Despite this, recent research reports only 12% of construction, manufacturing, and production workers worldwide are engaged in their roles.[1] Sixty-four percent of workers in this sector are not engaged, with 24% of workers actively disengaged. Manufacturing workers particularly struggle with engagement, and this is often due to a process-focus rather than an...

December 2, 2020

Can Ghostwriting Be Authentic?

Can you outsource your content creation and still be authentic? I saw a post on LinkedIn recently that was talking about outsourcing content creation and whether if you do, you can still be authentic. The most controversial example of this that comes to mind would be around ghostwriting, where the person who writes it and the person who posts it/presents it/gets the credit aren’t the same. Personally, I think you can – but this could be because I’m a) a writer who has created content for ...

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