Content marketing is no longer who has the biggest budget, it’s who’s building the best relationships: People want to connect with real people. Being human sells. What’s the best way to show you’re human? Tell your story. Tell your business’s story. Share your experiences, your purpose, your knowledge. Show your audience who you are, not just what you do!


Increase lead generation and conversions with copy that resonates deeply with your audience.

Whether it's a one-off project or on an ongoing basis, my copywriting services include:

  • Website Copy
  • Landing Page Copy
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Blog Posts & Articles
  • Email Newsletters & Nurture Sequences
  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies & Testimonials
  • Lead Magnets

Copywriting prices vary depending on length and research required.

Copy Editing

I can work with you to understand the appropriate tone of voice, improve the readability and flow, and amplify clarity of messaging to ensure you get the best results. 

Whether it's a blog, personal bio, event description, CV/cover letter, article, social media post, love letter... save yourself some time (and stress) and let me work my magic.

Copy editing prices vary depending on the copy length, and level of editing required.

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